How Becoming A Beachbody Coach Saved My Life

How Becoming A Team Beachbody Coach Saved Me

Do you want to become a beachbody coach she asked? What the heck is that I thought to myself?

Fast forward a few months later and now I am teaching people what is means to be a Beachbody Coach. You may never be able to tell by looking at my pictures during this time period, but I think my close friends and family knew something was going on.

I was very sad and really struggling to find my place in life until my beachbody coach asked me if I wanted to join the organization. I proudly said yes, but at the time I knew absolutely nothing about it. I really just needed something to hold onto at the time.

Coaching has literally changed my life for the better. Not only do I own my business and control my schedule, it provides financial stability without having to sit in a cubicle for the typical 9-5 routine that most people endure on a regular basis.

Beachbody coaching has helped me change so many lives by helping people meet and exceed their weight loss goals. Nothing feels better to watch someone go from hating themselves to being totally in love with their mind, body and spirit all over again. This transformation literally can happen in a matter of weeks after they complete a workout program.

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